Revolutionizing Software Procurement

75% of IT executives expect their projects will fail.

-PASA, Avoiding IT System Implementation Failures 2016

Procuring software solutions does not have to be this hard.

Ask anyone who has served in the trenches on either side of the negotiating table during a software procurement process for a horror story and we are sure they will chuckle softly and regale you with their version of the same sordid tale.  And selecting a vendor or product is only the beginning of the problematic path to a successfully implemented solution.  In fact, you can find a wealth of statistics from consulting firms showing that software purchasing and implementation projects fail at a shockingly high rate.

How has such a seemingly straightforward task- selecting and implementing the software needed to run your business- ended up in such a state?  Obviously, what people are doing today just doesn’t work.  From running internal vendor selection processes and RFPs, to hiring consultants, to roaming the acres of exhibit floors at national conventions, to talking to a friend who implemented a similar solution at their company- none of these methods work consistently.


There has to be a better way for everyone involved!

There Is A Better Way!

We at Prospero have developed a platform and an approach that streamlines how solutions are procured that reduces the effort of and risk for buyers while providing a more efficient process for vendors to get their products noticed, evaluated, selected, and implemented.  The Prospero platform provides ample opportunities to use the latest in machine learning and our proprietary fuzzy logic-based matching criteria to make the whole procurement process as automated as possible.

Prospero's platform provides:


       •A more effective way to procure the right software solution

       A guide to help both vendors and buyers through the process

       •A means to match software solutions with buyers’ needs and goals

       •For buyers, deeper insights into all relevant solution vendors

       •For vendors, deeper insights into opportunities and market demands

       •Bi-directional, real-time feedback on implementation projects

       •Drastically reduced costs and project failure rates

Prospero created this better, more thorough, and more efficient way forward with our platform and its full-lifecycle approach to solutions research, procurement execution, project implementation, and comprehensive feedback.  This new process is defined as a series of five steps:


Providing a Comprehensive Solution For Everyone

Faster and Effective Process for Buyers

Access to the latest product research, analytics and reviews of vendors' solutions; access to an efficient procurement and implementation process with an overall reduced cost.

Market Your Solutions While Reducing Cost

Promote your company's solutions to a specific pool of buyers and respond to RFPs in an efficient and cost effect way.  Receive Buyer feedback and insight about the market.   

Provide Specific Services to Buyers

Search and research segment markets and provide guidance to Buyers.  Manage your portfolio of Buyer and Vendor projects.



Born out of a broken and fragmented software procurement process, Prospero offers a full-service, end-to-end, automated experience that transforms the way complex purchases are made by removing inefficiency, reducing costs, and reducing risk for all involved. 


Meet the Founders

Donald R. Searing, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Don has been designing, building, and evangelizing intelligent software solutions for complex, large-scale business problems in the healthcare space for several decades.  He is a published author in both AI and complex decision-making algorithms and has extensive managerial experience in building and delivering software systems.

Matthew E. Searing, Esq.

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Legal Officer

Matt has over 18 years of legal and business experience in multiple industries providing expert advice to decision-makers at all levels, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts, and oversight of daily operations of multiple departments including Legal, HR, Sales, IT and Accounting. 


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